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Let us take the stress out of surveying, the pressure out of planning and the obstacles out of operations. Our dedicated team are here to support you across every stage of your telecoms project.

We have decades of experience rolling out FTTH (Fibre-To-The-Home), FTTP (Fibre-To-The-Premises), FTTC (Fibre-To-The-Cabinet) and MDU (Multiple Dwelling Unit) network projects for industry leaders. We offer a range of services to support you in delivering your project.

Our expertise

Our experienced team are here to support you across the entire project lifecycle, whether it’s a new or existing fibre network. From initial surveying and designs to full construction, we support the whole process.


Harnessing the latest technology to check the integrity, capacity and feasibility of your fibre network plan.

  • Network Capacity Surveying (NCS)
  • Line of sight surveys
  • Aerial drone surveys
  • Physical Infrastructure Access (PIA) surveys
  • Cell surveys
  • Installations commissioning
  • Network auditing and verification
  • Duct validation

Planning & Design

Working with you to create detailed, innovative network designs and plans.

  • Network auditing and verification
  • Resilience planning
  • Installation packaging planning including GIS / CAD
  • Duct & Pole Access (DPA) surveys
  • Onsite planning
  • Project management

Installation & Build

Build and installation expertise across new and existing fibre networks.

  • Underground fibre cabling
  • Overhead fibre cabling
  • Fibre splicing testing and commissioning
  • Network rearrangement
  • Cabinet installation and upgrades
  • Data cabling
  • Data centre construction


Fully compliant maintenance programmes and ad hoc services for your network architecture.

  • Capacity and audit management
  • Proactive maintenance
  • Emergency Response Services (ERS)

Working with HG Comms was a real pleasure. Their dedication to project delivery and professionalism is exceptional. I always know they’ll deliver quality and the expertise they bring to the project is invaluable.

Chris Daniels, Senior Project Manager | Siemens

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